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Ordering from the manufacturer

  • With you order directly from the online shop of the brand you are interested in. You do not buy from the manufacturing company but from Arendicom GmbH. Arendicom founded the online portal for brand manufactuerers in 2008. It enables brand manufacturers to operate a brand-specific online shop and to directly incorporate specialised trade. You can now “directly buy“ from the manufacturer in these online shops.

Delivery by specialised merchants

  • Worldwide delivery is accomplished by Arendicom in cooperation with specialised trade. We find the merchant who has the merchandise you ordered in stock and is closest to you locally. Your advantage is that you will be served rapidly and still have a local merchant who will also provide service after the purchase.

How does the order process function

  • You compile the order in the brand shop and complete it with your payment. We will then find the closest possible merchant who is able to deliver immediately. This will not take longer than a few hours. As soon as we have localised the spechalised merchant we will issue the shipping order. You will receive an email which specialised merchant will serve you, and, after the dispatch of your merchandise, another email informing you when the merchandise is most likely to arrive.




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