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We strive to obtain the best possible environmental certification for all our paper/cardboard. One of the best environmental labels for paper is the FSC label and our aim is to increase our use of FSC-certified paper. For example, we print our Mountain Horse Magazine onenvironmentally-friendly paper (FSC-certified paper) using environmentally-friendly ink!

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and the FSC label allows consumers and businesses to choose wood (paper) products which have been produced from well-managed forests, i.e. forests which are managed in a way which cares for people and the environment.

Amongst others, the FSC’s stewardship principles protect:

– Endangered animals and plants
– The ability of the land to support forests in the future
– Safe and healthy working conditions for forest workers
– The rights of indigenous peoples

For more information on FSC, go to: www.fsc.or


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