When we consider using a new material in our products, we take good time to compare materials, as our pursuit is always to choose those with the best environmental profile.

We have chosen to start using Tencel® from Lenzing Fibers in our riding pants because of Its excellent features both in terms of comfort and durability.

Tencel® is a natural material which is manufactured from cellulose from fast-growing tree varieties. The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly due to the closed loop process used during manufacture, which means that as much as possible is recycled and reused. That is why Tencel® was awarded ”the European Award for the Environment” by the EU.

Clearly, the environmental factors are one of the reasons why we are so keen to use Tencel® in our clothing. Another reason is that Tencel® is also a technical material that has many advantages.

The material is comfortable to wear, it is soft and cool against the body and it has good technical properties: amongst other things, it wicks moisture away effectively. The material is also extremely hardwearing, easy to look after and keeps its color well. For these reasons, it is an excellent choice for the summer or when you are exercising hard, as you do when you ride.

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