An important part of a textile product’s overall environmental impact is how long the product can be used before it is worn out, how it is looked after and finally how it is disposed of when it can no longer be used for its original purpose. Choosing durable clothing is a good start. But how you look after your clothes while you are wearing them is also of crucial importance to the environment.

Clearly, we want Mountain Horse clothing to be used until it is no longer useable, and we know that that can be an incredibly long time! We have been supplying riders with high-quality clothing since 1988. Our hope is, of course, that while the garments can still be used, they will in the first instance be handed down or sold. When, eventually, clothing has to be disposed, we hope it will be recycled rather than thrown away!

Looking after technical clothing is not difficult, and by washing it in the correct way you can significantly extend its life. As well as damaging the environment, washing your clothes too much causes significant wear to the fabric. Proper care leads to increased life of the garment and reduces the energy, water and detergent utilization required for laundry.

Washing instructions for each Mountain Horse garment can be found on the website.

Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something!

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