We take great care when selecting producers and production methods. We have deliberately chosen to only use a few suppliers and producers to guarantee control and ensure that they work in a manner that feels right for us. We want to build strong, long-term partnerships, and we have worked with most of them for many years. This enables us to ensure that our producers are working according to our requirements in terms of sustainability and human rights. That we can handle challenges together and that there is a common desire to change things for the better.

Having a specific Code of Conduct for Suppliers is a part of this work. All manufacturers must sign the Code of Conduct and commit to complying with the requirements.

Since 2012, Mountain Horse has a representative office in China. The employees in the office facilitate communication and the work with our suppliers, including working conditions, environmental work and quality levels. This, together with us visiting our suppliers 2-3 times a year, enables us to build good and long-term business relationships with our suppliers.

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