In order to produce textile products with the quality and characteristics we want, we need to use chemicals. But chemicals are not always necessarily a bad thing; it is just a question of making the right choices. And this is exactly what we do in our daily work!

To ensure our knowledge of chemical requirements in the textile industry we have, as of 2016, become members of the Chemicals Group at Swerea IVF. The Chemicals Group is tasked with giving member companies current information about the development of legislation and offering specialist support from its chemists.

Because Mountain Horse designs and produces clothing, we are affected by the European chemical regulation REACH, and use it as a guideline in our chemical work. REACH is constantly being developed, which means that an increasing number of substances used in clothing manufacture are being prohibited. The aim is to prevent people from wearing clothing with harmful chemicals that could have a negative impact on their health and the environment.

Therefore, the Chemical Group is helping us to stay always one step ahead.

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